Monday, December 20, 2010

Mr. Jelly Belly's Gingerbread House

This Jelly Belly Gingerbread house features Green Apple, Very Cherry and Lemon Jelly Bellies.  The front door is crafted out of Fruit Striped Gum with two Mini Candy Canes on each side of the Double Bubble Gum doors. The House is finished with Haribo Mega Roulettes. The trees are mini Icing Decorations. This house is fun and easy to make, you just need to pick your favorite Jelly Bellies.

Peppermint Palace

This Sweet Palace is made of Peppermint Non Pareils, Sour Cherries and Dark Chocolate Pretzels.  The Gumdrop Wreath has tiny Icing Flowers.  The wreath on the door is a piece of Fruit & Creme Licorice.

Big Rock Candy Mountain Chalet

 To build this Rock Candy Chalet we used Milk Chocolate Rocks, Candy Pebbles (which are old fashioned jelly beans), Large Gumdrops, Mini Peppermint Jack Straws and Icing Decorations, which include our Tiny Lights, Snowman, Wreath & Star.
Sweets Cinnamon Squares were used to construct the chimney.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Confectionery's Kristi Holmes on New Day Northwest

Check out our very own Kristi Holmes, candy girl #1, as she shows off some gingerbread house creations on New Day Northwest!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Barbie's Dream Gingerbread House - Home Sweet Home

This Home "Sweet" Home was decorated with Pink & White Jordan AlmondsPink Gumdrops line the roof while Necco Wafers create picture perfect shingles. The front of the house is lined in Pink Lemonade Candy Sticks, the Mint Wreath is so cute and the french doors are Dark Chocolate Molasses Crisps. Notice the Raspberry & Cherry Sour Belt awning and the Crushed Peppermint detail.  Strawberry Vanilla Taffy will keep guests from nibbling at the house. The glass candy jar in the background is filled with Red Apple Jelly Bellies.

Jawbreaker Icing Igloo

This Jawbreaker Icing Igloo was created to withstand the blowing forces of the Big Bad Wolf. This sugar shack will not be falling down any time soon. Mini Jawbreakers were used on the front and sides of this Gingerbread House. Red Hots make perfect lights.  Fruit Creme Licorice lines the roof and when they are cut in half, they make perfect shingles and were used to make the wreath on the door. Sour Watermelon Belts make for a very sweet entry into this candy cottage. A Sour Green Apple Licorice Lace frame the door and the door knob is a Sweet Tart Decorating Bead. The Icing Decorations add to the design with the Happy Holidays sign and the Icing Tree by the front door.  Our snowman was made by using a White Chocolate Maltball, a Caramel Ball and a piece of Watermelon Sour Belt for his scarf. 

Small Rock Candy Cottage

This Rock Candy Cottage is decorated for the Holidays!  It features Milk Chocolate Rocks for siding.  Old Fashioned Large Gumdrops (Lime & Cherry) line the roof top, Non-Pareil Jingle Jels work well as shingles and the chimney is a piece of Peppermint Ribbon CandyPeppermint Jack Straws were used on the corners of the house.The detail on the front of the house is complete with an electric cord made from a Sour Green Apple Licorice Lace - they also frame the door. A piece of Fruit Creme Licorice is used for a wreath on the front door.  Rainbow Sour Belts make up the front porch and the Tiny Lights Icing Decorations are the envy of the candy neighbors.  White Milkies are set to look like snow in the yard.  These sweet folks even decorated their icing tree!

The Confectionery Kristi Holmes with New Day Northwest's Margaret Larson

Candy Girl Connie and Kristi Holmes on the set of New Day Northwest.  Connie created all of the Gingerbread Houses. We are lucky to have such a talented decorator.

New Day Northwest Gingerbread House

The Confectionery's Gingerbread Houses featured on New Day Northwest

During the holidays, The Confectionery is a favorite place for customers to pick out candy for their Gingerbread houses.  When King 5's New Day Northwest asked us to do a segment on Gingerbread Houses we were excited.  We love any activity which is centered around Candy!  It was a fun segment - the staff of New Day Northwest had a competition and the audience voted on the best house.  Connie, one of our candy girls, created all of our houses in the segment.  From Mr. Jelly Bellies house to the Rock Candy Cottage it is hard to choose a favorite!

With over 400 jars of candy, you will find your favorites to inspire your creations.  The Confectionery offers 2 sizes of pre-assembled Gingerbread Houses which make decorating a fun holiday activity. All you need is Candy, Royal Icing and the fun starts.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Confectionery is the place for Halloween Treats!

Seattle Metropolitan Magazine featured The Confectionery in an online article "Local Halloween Treats." Here's what Lindsey Hall had to say:

Through Sunday, The Confectionery is offering a selection of candy apples that includes dark chocolate and sea salt, $9.95; caramel covered in half dark chocolate and half milk chocolate, $9.95; caramel, white chocolate and cinnamon sugar, $9.95; and caramel and toffee, with choice of nuts (crushed macadamia, almonds, or peanuts) for $12.95.

Gumball eyeballs are going for $8.95 a pound, as are gummy brains and worms.The candy shop also has gourmet candy corn made by the Jelly Belly Company for $9.95 a pound. A Halloween Jelly Belly mix is the same price.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Confectionery named City's Best!

When City Guide Seattle started their search for the top 5 local places to grab sweets for Halloween, they were wowed by our holiday selection! We're so excited that City Guide included us on their list, and even featured some of the fantastic pre-wrapped Halloween gifts we sell every day at the store.

Here's what City Guide's Caitlin King had to say:
 A wonderland of sweets, The Confectionery fills its jars with delicious seasonal favorites for everyone to enjoy. This Halloween, treat yourself to spooky Popping Frankenstein Truffles (made with real Pop Rocks) or caramel apples dipped in handmade buttery caramel, decorated with the likes of toffee, milk chocolate, dark chocolate with sea salt and white chocolate with cinnamon sugar. If you do anything, try the shop's most popular seasonal item, candy corn. "Our candy corn is creamy and flavorful. It's a seasonal favorite," says owner Kristi Homes.
Only a few more days left before Halloween, so be sure to make it down to the store and pick up your favorites! 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Candy Girl Photos

Kristi driving the Jelly Belly Bug

RV is pulling out...
We were sad to see them go :( And we're looking forward to hosting the Jelly Belly on Tour RV next year!

More Photos from our day with The Jelly Belly RV!

Young candy lovers guessing how many jelly bellies were in the jar. The winner will receive a Jelly  Belly Gift Basket.

The Jelly Belly on Tour RV has arrived!

The Jelly Belly RV is at The Confectionery today (Friday, August 20th) from 11-3. Stop by for some fun and games. Jelly Belly is handing out jelly belly samples and prizes.  Come by and spin the Bean Boozled wheel, if you get "Bean Boozled" you will receive a sweet treat from The Confectionery. 

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Confectionery's Kristi Holmes featured on New Day Northwest!

King 5's New Day Northwest knew just who to call when they wanted to have a special segment on nostalgic candies -- owner of the Confectionery (which New Day called "the ultimate headquarters for candy with an old-fashioned feel") and life-long candy enthusiast Kristi Holmes!
Kristi had a great display of candy from every decade of the twentieth century, up to the favorites for kids spending their allowance on treats today. And as always she had tons of fun candy facts to share with Margaret.
Never one to pass up sharing the candy love, Kristi left everyone in the audience with a treat bag filled with a variety of the delicious retro goodies.
Thanks to New Day Northwest for having The Confectionery, it was so much fun!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

King 5's New Day Northwest

Check out the clip above, where King 5's New Day Northwest features the fun circus-themed party that the Confectionery recently helped put on at the Ronald McDonald House!

The party was such fun, and these tips can help you duplicate the amazing kid-friendly theme at home!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Candy Bar

Thought we'd share a great example of the kind of display The Confectionery can put together for a wedding, birthday, cocktail party, barbecue - heck, we can't think of any occasion that isn't better when you add candy!
Here's the full set up: where to begin? Our color theme for this wedding display was pink, orange, yellow & white. Pink milkies add a punch of color at the back of the display, and a shallow bowl in the center is filled with champagne bubbles and a Jelly Belly mix. Beside that is a small bowl of colorful malt balls. To the far right are Mounties
How about with our bright and summery gumball mix, topped with our bright pink two-piece chocolate box. The boxes can be filled with sea salt caramels (milk chocolate or dark chocolate half-dipped, or nut) & toffee or almost any of our delicious selection of truffles. To the right you can see a plate of our wedding cake mints, and above that a fanned selection of our flavored crystal rock sticks.
Speaking of truffles, here are a few of our favorites! From top left: Raspberry, Mayan, milk chocolate gift and salted caramel butterfly.

Our fun old-fashioned candy buttons make for a fun accent, and behind them are licorice mounties. Mmm!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Looks Like Spring, Tastes Like Heaven!

Don't tell Fall or Winter, but our absolute favorite seasons for making mixes and treat bags is Spring and Summer. The bright pinks, greens, and yellows, the salt water taffy, the cotton candy! Here are some of the edible works of art we've put together for Spring 2010!
A cheery Jelly Belly mix, salt water taffy, a candy stick, and the best old-fashioned lollipops around!
This bag includes another Jelly Belly mix, salt water taffy, gum balls and a rainbow candy stick (mmm)!

Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon! Jelly Belly mix, salt water taffy, gum balls and a watermelon candy stick!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chocolate Adventures in Europe!

Our lovely Candy Girl Jenny went on a European vacation recently, and brought us back pictures of her tastiest tourist excursions in Brussels, Prague and Paris!

Jenny told us: "Chocolate was everywhere in Brussels!  The choices were overwhelming.  The store displays were fantastic - this is Brussels' icon, the 'Mannken Pis.'"
There she is! Globe-trotter (and chocolate enthusiast) Jenny in Prague. "I visited a chocolate museum in Prauge, which described the history of chocolate and had a vast array of historic chocolate wrappers and packaging," Jenny told us. "I even got to see a demonstration of how filled chocolates are made."
Jenny said, "The museum also had a display of chocolate cats!" No offense to Prague, but these cats don't hold a candle to our chocolate bunnies at Easter!

Ah, La Belle France! "I went to Le Mere de Familie Gourmand chocolate shop on the Rue Cler in Paris," Jenny said. "They had delicious caramels!"

Here she is at an adorable confection shop on l'Ile St Louis. "The chocolate fountain was amazing!" she said.
Ah, the coup d'etat! La Maison du Chocolat! Jenny told us this landmark chocolatier is next to the Louvre, and has great macaroons. Mmm!

Thanks so much to our intrepid cross-Atlantic Candy Girl for sending all the pictures!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

The Washington Post's annual "Peep Show" diorama contest inspired our own Candy Girl Lauren to create this adorable peep beach scene!

Our peep's Peachy-O lifesaver might not be enough to save him in the gummy shark-infested waters!

Chocolate-covered peep keeps from melting under a paper umbrella and with an ice-cold gummy Coke!

Friday, April 2, 2010


It's coming down to the wire with Easter (the biggest day of the candy year) coming up on Sunday! But here at the Confectionery we still have plenty of goodies to make the holiday special.

This is a great treat bag for any little (or big) kid: Spring Mix Jelly Bellys, Peep Rabbits, candy necklackes, Zots, Bazooka bubble gum, candy hamburgers and more!

This beautiful candy bucket includes a chocolate rabbit, Jelly Belly mixes, Nerds, foil wrapped chocolate eggs, marshmallow bunnies, sour Easter eggs and more!

Our chocolate Easter bunny bags are perfect gifts to get for the whole gang.

French Almonds and Passionfruit Cordials ... MMM!

Michele Cluizel hazelnut praline eggs with a crisp shell and delicious, creamy filling.

And still more where this came from! Come on in and grab the delicious stuff (yes, including chocolate covered peeps) while they last!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Hello, Kitty

You said it, Hello Kitty! Our line of retro-inspired lunchboxes always fly off the shelves. Not only do they make a clever (and efficient) basket for a birthday gift, they are uber-cute and functional too.

We've added perennial favorite Hello Kitty from Sanrio to our lunchbox selection this year -- much to the delight of our Candy Girls!

Anyka loves everything Sanrio!

And Lauren couldn't wait for us to unpack all the different Hello Kitty options!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our International Customer Base!

These customers don't let a little thing like the Pacific Ocean stand between them and The Confectionery! These little guys call Guam home, but whenever they come visit their grandparents in Everett they swing by and fill up baskets with all the kid candy faves (including the giant pixie sticks you see here!).
Always so fun to see you guys, come back soon!