Friday, May 21, 2010

Candy Bar

Thought we'd share a great example of the kind of display The Confectionery can put together for a wedding, birthday, cocktail party, barbecue - heck, we can't think of any occasion that isn't better when you add candy!
Here's the full set up: where to begin? Our color theme for this wedding display was pink, orange, yellow & white. Pink milkies add a punch of color at the back of the display, and a shallow bowl in the center is filled with champagne bubbles and a Jelly Belly mix. Beside that is a small bowl of colorful malt balls. To the far right are Mounties
How about with our bright and summery gumball mix, topped with our bright pink two-piece chocolate box. The boxes can be filled with sea salt caramels (milk chocolate or dark chocolate half-dipped, or nut) & toffee or almost any of our delicious selection of truffles. To the right you can see a plate of our wedding cake mints, and above that a fanned selection of our flavored crystal rock sticks.
Speaking of truffles, here are a few of our favorites! From top left: Raspberry, Mayan, milk chocolate gift and salted caramel butterfly.

Our fun old-fashioned candy buttons make for a fun accent, and behind them are licorice mounties. Mmm!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Looks Like Spring, Tastes Like Heaven!

Don't tell Fall or Winter, but our absolute favorite seasons for making mixes and treat bags is Spring and Summer. The bright pinks, greens, and yellows, the salt water taffy, the cotton candy! Here are some of the edible works of art we've put together for Spring 2010!
A cheery Jelly Belly mix, salt water taffy, a candy stick, and the best old-fashioned lollipops around!
This bag includes another Jelly Belly mix, salt water taffy, gum balls and a rainbow candy stick (mmm)!

Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon! Jelly Belly mix, salt water taffy, gum balls and a watermelon candy stick!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chocolate Adventures in Europe!

Our lovely Candy Girl Jenny went on a European vacation recently, and brought us back pictures of her tastiest tourist excursions in Brussels, Prague and Paris!

Jenny told us: "Chocolate was everywhere in Brussels!  The choices were overwhelming.  The store displays were fantastic - this is Brussels' icon, the 'Mannken Pis.'"
There she is! Globe-trotter (and chocolate enthusiast) Jenny in Prague. "I visited a chocolate museum in Prauge, which described the history of chocolate and had a vast array of historic chocolate wrappers and packaging," Jenny told us. "I even got to see a demonstration of how filled chocolates are made."
Jenny said, "The museum also had a display of chocolate cats!" No offense to Prague, but these cats don't hold a candle to our chocolate bunnies at Easter!

Ah, La Belle France! "I went to Le Mere de Familie Gourmand chocolate shop on the Rue Cler in Paris," Jenny said. "They had delicious caramels!"

Here she is at an adorable confection shop on l'Ile St Louis. "The chocolate fountain was amazing!" she said.
Ah, the coup d'etat! La Maison du Chocolat! Jenny told us this landmark chocolatier is next to the Louvre, and has great macaroons. Mmm!

Thanks so much to our intrepid cross-Atlantic Candy Girl for sending all the pictures!