Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Necco Conversation Hearts - Crisp, Crunchy & Nostalgic

"Aaahhh - Necco Conversation Hearts are my Favorite!" - I just heard Lily my fellow candy co-worker exclaim as she popped a handful of the tiny hearts in her mouth. White (peppermint) and Pink (strawberry) are her favorite.   She is sitting in the backroom of the store with me working away on her laptop, sandwiched between big boxes of Valentine candy and eating her favorite seasonal candy.

"Darn - I didn't even read mine" - said Keisha, another candy co-worker, as she popped a pink heart in her mouth. We are trying to determine the flavor of the pink conversation heart. I am not one to pass up candy so I joined in and ate a pink heart.  Mine said "Sugar Pie" and I have determined the pink is strawberry. Just to be sure, we referred to the Necco Candy Company website. I was right. Of course, I've eaten these for years.
Necco Conversation Hearts - photo taken at their booth at the 2011 All Candy Expo. 
At The Confectionery, we are getting ready for Valentine's Day and our Valentine Candy selection is not complete without Conversation Hearts. They are crisp & crunchy and everyone remembers them from their childhood. Stop in soon, they will be gone before you know it. Everyone loves them!

We are peeking in the jar and reading some of the messages which include; Charm me, Stir my heart, Spice it up, Kiss me again, Love is sweet, Smile, Sugar Pie, Sweet Talk, Recipe for Love, My Boyfriend, My Girlfriend, Get my Drift, That Smile, Email me, Love Story and of course, Marry Me. Lily just told us that one day she would like to be proposed to with a "Marry Me" Large Conversation Heart and have her beau slide it across the table at her. Keisha said that wouldn't work for her - she forgets to read the message and just eats the hearts. It might seem like we aren't working, just eating candy but we are lucky - it's our job to eat candy!
Erica just came in the backroom with another handful of hearts and proclaimed "White one anyone?" What's your favorite flavor?