Monday, December 17, 2012

Tis The Season!

We're as busy as Santa's Elves making special Christmas and holiday treats at The Confectionery this time of year. Here are some pictures of the incredible goodies we have in the store, snapped by owner Kristi Holmes! You can keep up with our latest pictures at our Twitter account!

How cute are these Marzipan snowmen??

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Confectionery Celebrates A Very Special Birthday

We at The Confectionery get to provide delicious treats for lots of fun events, but this summer we participated in something really, really special: store owner Kristi Holmes' grandmother turned 90 years old!
We brought out some of our favorite old-fashioned candy to make a candy bar that would appeal to party attendees of all ages.

The birthday girl!
We love doing birthday parties and events of all kinds, but this was a day that really brought us so much joy.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Beautiful Fall Chocolates

We always love Moonstruck Chocolate's incredibly gorgeous (and absolutely delicious) truffles, and this year was no different. We loved displaying their fall line, featuring seasonal extra-bittersweet pumpkin and snowflake truffles, along with our year-round favorites the Mayan and the Grenada.

The lovely chocolates on display
As always, our bright, fun packaging makes the truffles a perfect gift!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Build Gingerbread Houses With Us, Free, on Dec. 11!

It's that time of year again!

Next Tuesday, December 11, at 10 a.m. The Confectionery will be hosting a UVillage Playday! For our playday we are hosting a Gingerbread House-Building Bonanza---we provide the houses and the candy, you provide the imagination to make the best, most beautiful, and most delicious gingerbread house of the season. And best of all, the Playday is FREE!

There is no charge for our Gingerbread Bonanza, but we are asking customers to please RSVP so we can be sure to have enough houses. Email us at theconfectionery@qwestoffice.netor call the store at (206) 523-1443 to reserve your gingerbread house. We will have the undecorated houses, royal icing and (of course) candy for you to create their own gingerbread cottage!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Halloween is one of our favorite holidays of the year here at The Confectionery! Between the ghoulish truffles, addictive candy corn and awesome costumes, it's always a blast. Here are some of our favorite pictures from our Halloween celebrations at the store this year!
It was full-on Halloween as soon as you walked into the store!
Spooky trees gave our window the perfect Halloween vibe!
We always put the best selections in our holiday mixes. For Halloween we blended sour pumpkins, mellocreme pumpkins, colorful foil-wrapped chocolates, and of course candy corn to make a delicious gift-friendly mix!
Orange gumballs, orange candy-shell chocolates, and our holiday Jelly Belly mix decorated the chocolate counter!
Our rosy-cheeked skullhead greeted customers near the malt ball section
Our house blend Halloween Jelly Belly mix and Deluxe Halloween mix that includes mellocreme, candy corn, and foil-wrapped chocolates.
Moonstruck always has the best holiday truffles! They're so perfect you almost don't want to eat them ... Almost.
Our fall marzipan is as gorgeous as it is delicious!

Halloween might be over, but we have tons of selection for fall, Thanksgiving, and all the December holidays right now!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pottery Barn Bridal Event

The University Village Pottery Barn recently invited us to display a candy table at their bridal event. We chose a spring color theme for our candy bar that featured a wide variety of candies in light green, yellow and white.
Our classic jars filled with bright candies (some for every palette) makes Pottery Barn's rustic barn table really stand out!
All of our wedding candy bars come with lots of options to give treats as favors! Here are some classic candy rocks put in cellophane bags, closed with our beautiful bubble gum jar logo sticker.
From left: White Dutch Mints; our custom milk chocolate malt balls in light green, yellow and white; our custom Jelly Belly mix in Lemon, Lemon Lime, and Cream Soda, and; White Champagne Bubbles.
Yellow and Green Daisy Suckers
These jars are filled with Sour Apples, Sugared Lemon Drops and White Dutch Mints. The yellow chevron bags and straws come in a variety of bright colors, and work perfectly to tie in a pop of color. Guests also used the lime green take out boxes for their treats!
Candy Girls on the move! Keisha and Erica on their way to the event. It was just across the street so we used a cart! We were so excited to make up the wedding arrangement! Thanks so much to Pottery Barn for asking us.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" Themed Lunch

Seattle Prep's baseball team recently hosted a lunch in honor of their teachers, and asked us to dream up a fun and delicious snack table that would make the faculty feel like they were enjoying an afternoon at the ball park. We had a blast with this event, and came up with something to make Dave Niehaus, the late, great Seattle Mariner's announcer, proud.
"My oh my!"
The full display, complete with retro American flags, wooden crates, and of course an old-fashioned Louisville slugger, was a huge hit.
Our hand-prepared treats included a Jelly Belly mix of Seattle Prep colors, complete with a Moonstruck Chocolate Co. chocolate ganache and peanut butter baseball truffles. A definite home run!

The spread included major league favorites, including Cracker Jacks and Big League Chew. Yum! But the real fun is in the details:

Our custom foil-wrapped chocolate baseball favors reference Steve Cox field, where Seattle Prep's team plays. The delicious chocolates are paired with a custom blend of Jelly Belly has that crisp infield green.

Our centerpieces for the long center table featured more favorites, including delicious red licorice in a Ball canning jar, decorated with string. The paper hot dog container holds gumballs in Seattle Prep colors. Down to the peanuts and grass in our center jar, we went all out! What can we say? We're suckers for America's game.
Coca Cola in old-fashioned glass bottles put the perfect nostalgic spin on the centerpieces. We passed out bright red straws to match!
Finally, we couldn't resist throwing in some red hots to honor the Seattle Prep team, who went on their own red hot streak this year: the varsity squad went undefeated in the regular season!

We just love putting together special events like this! What about you? Do you have any favorite candies for days at the ballpark? Are you putting together any theme parties this summer?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Shop at The Confectionery to Win Prizes!

Check out the University Village's great promotion this week: stop by the store for a chance to win awesome prizes, including yummy summer treat bags!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

National Jelly Belly Day!

National Jelly Belly Day was Sunday, April 22, and here at The Confectionery that's a MAJOR holiday!

We decked out the store with our custom in-house mix of every tantalizing Jelly Belly flavor, with everything from cream soda to tangerine!

Berry Blue and Lemon Lime are some of our favorite summertime flavors. They work so well for bright, cheery favors!

Jelly Belly's Sunkist flavors of Tangerine and Lemon make a fantastic mix with hot pink bubble gum and taffy in one of our summertime candy bag mixes. Yum!

Some candy girls show off the day's mascot, a giant stuffed Jelly Belly that the company sent us along with some fun treats and prizes to give away. National Jelly Belly Day is never dull! Customers also played Beanboozled---the game where no one loses. Mmm!

Outside the store, Candy Girls & Boy greeted customers and spread the word about one of our favorite anniversaries!

Were you at the store for National Jelly Belly Day? What did you think? 
Make sure you keep this in mind next April---we throw the best Jelly Belly party in Seattle!

And, for fun, we wanted to share this: To celebrate this year, Jelly Belly hired an artist to replicate famous paintings with a distinctly delicious medium.

We wonder who got to eat the finished product!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Necco Conversation Hearts - Crisp, Crunchy & Nostalgic

"Aaahhh - Necco Conversation Hearts are my Favorite!" - I just heard Lily my fellow candy co-worker exclaim as she popped a handful of the tiny hearts in her mouth. White (peppermint) and Pink (strawberry) are her favorite.   She is sitting in the backroom of the store with me working away on her laptop, sandwiched between big boxes of Valentine candy and eating her favorite seasonal candy.

"Darn - I didn't even read mine" - said Keisha, another candy co-worker, as she popped a pink heart in her mouth. We are trying to determine the flavor of the pink conversation heart. I am not one to pass up candy so I joined in and ate a pink heart.  Mine said "Sugar Pie" and I have determined the pink is strawberry. Just to be sure, we referred to the Necco Candy Company website. I was right. Of course, I've eaten these for years.
Necco Conversation Hearts - photo taken at their booth at the 2011 All Candy Expo. 
At The Confectionery, we are getting ready for Valentine's Day and our Valentine Candy selection is not complete without Conversation Hearts. They are crisp & crunchy and everyone remembers them from their childhood. Stop in soon, they will be gone before you know it. Everyone loves them!

We are peeking in the jar and reading some of the messages which include; Charm me, Stir my heart, Spice it up, Kiss me again, Love is sweet, Smile, Sugar Pie, Sweet Talk, Recipe for Love, My Boyfriend, My Girlfriend, Get my Drift, That Smile, Email me, Love Story and of course, Marry Me. Lily just told us that one day she would like to be proposed to with a "Marry Me" Large Conversation Heart and have her beau slide it across the table at her. Keisha said that wouldn't work for her - she forgets to read the message and just eats the hearts. It might seem like we aren't working, just eating candy but we are lucky - it's our job to eat candy!
Erica just came in the backroom with another handful of hearts and proclaimed "White one anyone?" What's your favorite flavor?