Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pottery Barn Bridal Event

The University Village Pottery Barn recently invited us to display a candy table at their bridal event. We chose a spring color theme for our candy bar that featured a wide variety of candies in light green, yellow and white.
Our classic jars filled with bright candies (some for every palette) makes Pottery Barn's rustic barn table really stand out!
All of our wedding candy bars come with lots of options to give treats as favors! Here are some classic candy rocks put in cellophane bags, closed with our beautiful bubble gum jar logo sticker.
From left: White Dutch Mints; our custom milk chocolate malt balls in light green, yellow and white; our custom Jelly Belly mix in Lemon, Lemon Lime, and Cream Soda, and; White Champagne Bubbles.
Yellow and Green Daisy Suckers
These jars are filled with Sour Apples, Sugared Lemon Drops and White Dutch Mints. The yellow chevron bags and straws come in a variety of bright colors, and work perfectly to tie in a pop of color. Guests also used the lime green take out boxes for their treats!
Candy Girls on the move! Keisha and Erica on their way to the event. It was just across the street so we used a cart! We were so excited to make up the wedding arrangement! Thanks so much to Pottery Barn for asking us.