Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Confectionery Wedding Event - A Pink & Green Candy Bar

This Spring, the Confectionery participated in University Village's wedding event - Bride Ideas. Participating stores offered tips and products for creating a unique wedding. At the Confectionery, we designed a Pink & Green Candy Bar perfect for any spring-time wedding and displayed it in our store window.

Showcased products included our custom photo lollipops, wedding cake mints and cookies, milk chocolate foil balls in a variety of fun colors, rock candy on a stick, pink grapefruit sours, sour green apples, strawberry & cream taffy as well as pink, green & white pearl gumballs and milk maltballs in pastel colors. We also have the traditional wedding favorites such as jordan almonds and dutch mints.

We used the paper fans, lanterns and fresh flowers to accent our candy color palette. We specialize in helping our customers create candy bars that will add flair to their event. We start with the wedding colors, select the sweets and determine quantity of candy needed.  Candy is an easy way to add decoration to your event and your guests will enjoy the sweets. Everyone loves candy.

Lisa Vammen Flowers created arrangements using single pink & green flowers in low glass cube vases.  The flowers attract the eye with a pop of bright color and offer a crisp, clean look to complete the design of our window display.  

More Easter Treats

Confectionery Easter Baskets, Dark Chocolate Foiled Eggs, Chocolate Malted Eggs and Spring Jelly Belly Mix.

Easter Truffle Boxes are the perfect table favor.
Featured: Moonstruck Dark Chocolate Egg and Milk Chocolate Bunny Truffle, and Michele Cluizel Hazelnut Nest with French Jelly Beans. The glass candy jar is filled with Spring Jelly Belly Mix.

Confectionery Easter Baskets - Brimming with Sweets

At The Confectionery - Easter is one of our favorite holidays! We have baskets brimming with Sweets!

We have a variety of pre-made baskets filled with our wide array of Easter Candy. If you would like, we can make a custom basket for you. Select your favorite candy and we will assemble the basket and complete the look with cellophane & ribbon. Stop by the store, send us an email or call us - it's Easter made easy. We ship UPS.

The Basket pictured has Malt Balls, Sour Apples, Taffy, Non Pariels, Jelly Bellies, Milk Chocolate Foiled Eggs and of course a Milk Chocolate Bunny.

Customized Candy Bar

Last week, Ing Direct in Seattle treated their employees to a Friday afternoon Candy Bar from The Confectionery.  Employees had a fun variety of candies to choose from. 

We selected orange & navy candies to coordinate with the company colors. The candies displayed are Sour Peaches, a custom mix of Orange Sherbet, Cantaloupe, Tangerine & Orange Crush Jelly Bellies, Blueberry Jelly Bellies, Sour Blue Raspberry Belts, Orange Swedish Fish, Black Licorice Scottie Dogs, Milk Malt Balls, Milk Chocolate Caramel Balls, Blue & Orange Milkies, Blue Raspberry & Orange Creamsicle Salt Water Taffy, Orange Zotz & Orange Toostie Rolls, Orange Gumballs, Blue Foiled Milk Chocolate Stars and long Country Store Old Fashioned Taffy. 

To complete the look, we created party flags for the Orange & Blueberry Candy Sticks.

We love doing events like this - Ing Direct was a fun group to work with!

Friday, April 1, 2011

No Fooling - Candy Peas & Carrots

Happy April Fool's Day - A Sweet Surprise

New from Jelly Belly - Candy Peas & Carrots have arrived at The Confectionery just in time for April Fool's Day.  The Peas are Green Apple flavor and the Baby Carrots are Orange Sherbet. Serve some with dinner, they will make your family smile! These vegetables are a sweet surprise and the kids will be sure to clean their plate. 

 Jelly Belly Candy Company has been making Candy Corn and Mellocremes since the late 1800's, longer than any company in the candy business.  Candy Peas and Carrots may seem like a new idea but candy vegetables have been around since the turn of the century. Some of the first mellocreme candy was made in vegetable shapes, which is how candy corn got it's "kernel of corn" shape.