Friday, December 17, 2010

Jawbreaker Icing Igloo

This Jawbreaker Icing Igloo was created to withstand the blowing forces of the Big Bad Wolf. This sugar shack will not be falling down any time soon. Mini Jawbreakers were used on the front and sides of this Gingerbread House. Red Hots make perfect lights.  Fruit Creme Licorice lines the roof and when they are cut in half, they make perfect shingles and were used to make the wreath on the door. Sour Watermelon Belts make for a very sweet entry into this candy cottage. A Sour Green Apple Licorice Lace frame the door and the door knob is a Sweet Tart Decorating Bead. The Icing Decorations add to the design with the Happy Holidays sign and the Icing Tree by the front door.  Our snowman was made by using a White Chocolate Maltball, a Caramel Ball and a piece of Watermelon Sour Belt for his scarf. 

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