Friday, May 21, 2010

Candy Bar

Thought we'd share a great example of the kind of display The Confectionery can put together for a wedding, birthday, cocktail party, barbecue - heck, we can't think of any occasion that isn't better when you add candy!
Here's the full set up: where to begin? Our color theme for this wedding display was pink, orange, yellow & white. Pink milkies add a punch of color at the back of the display, and a shallow bowl in the center is filled with champagne bubbles and a Jelly Belly mix. Beside that is a small bowl of colorful malt balls. To the far right are Mounties
How about with our bright and summery gumball mix, topped with our bright pink two-piece chocolate box. The boxes can be filled with sea salt caramels (milk chocolate or dark chocolate half-dipped, or nut) & toffee or almost any of our delicious selection of truffles. To the right you can see a plate of our wedding cake mints, and above that a fanned selection of our flavored crystal rock sticks.
Speaking of truffles, here are a few of our favorites! From top left: Raspberry, Mayan, milk chocolate gift and salted caramel butterfly.

Our fun old-fashioned candy buttons make for a fun accent, and behind them are licorice mounties. Mmm!

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  1. Where did you get that cute sign?