Wednesday, May 2, 2012

National Jelly Belly Day!

National Jelly Belly Day was Sunday, April 22, and here at The Confectionery that's a MAJOR holiday!

We decked out the store with our custom in-house mix of every tantalizing Jelly Belly flavor, with everything from cream soda to tangerine!

Berry Blue and Lemon Lime are some of our favorite summertime flavors. They work so well for bright, cheery favors!

Jelly Belly's Sunkist flavors of Tangerine and Lemon make a fantastic mix with hot pink bubble gum and taffy in one of our summertime candy bag mixes. Yum!

Some candy girls show off the day's mascot, a giant stuffed Jelly Belly that the company sent us along with some fun treats and prizes to give away. National Jelly Belly Day is never dull! Customers also played Beanboozled---the game where no one loses. Mmm!

Outside the store, Candy Girls & Boy greeted customers and spread the word about one of our favorite anniversaries!

Were you at the store for National Jelly Belly Day? What did you think? 
Make sure you keep this in mind next April---we throw the best Jelly Belly party in Seattle!

And, for fun, we wanted to share this: To celebrate this year, Jelly Belly hired an artist to replicate famous paintings with a distinctly delicious medium.

We wonder who got to eat the finished product!

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