Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gingerbread Houses - A holiday activity made easy!

Oh What Fun! Almost too cute to eat...
Gingerbread Houses are a fun holiday activity made easy with our
pre-assembled Gingerbread Houses.
 All you need to do is make the Royal Icing frosting (super easy, just add water to our mix)
 Add Candy and use your imagination.

On our small Candy Cottage - we used Cinnamon & Mint Gumdrops to line the roof.
Peppermint Jack Straws outline the house, white milkies adorn the front of the house,
Fruit & Creme Licorice Bites are on the roof and around the front of the house.
A Spearmint Ring was used to make a wreath.
The Fruit & Creme Bites were cut in half for the roof.

Small Rock Candy Cottage
This cottage was super easy to make!
Just frost the house and press the Chocolate Rocks into the icing.
We used Jelly Bean Candy Pebbles on the side. Haribo Raspberries were used on the roof,
 an icing wreath decoration adds a festive touch to the front of the house.

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