Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chocolate in Cuba!

A Candy Girl's father was recently in Havana, Cuba and came across a Chocolate Museum. Knowing how much we love chocolate and enjoy seeing different shops around the world, he took some photos and wrote about his experience for us. Hugh loves chocolate as well and is especially fond of our Dark Chocolate Espresso Malt balls.

You wouldn’t necessarily expect to see a Museum of Chocolate in Havana, capital of the (socialist) Republic of Cuba. But even socialists like chocolate! Right in the center of the Old Townis this tidy and very popular chocolate center with descriptions of beans, processing, chocolate-making, and (of course) lots of yummy eats. I visited it the week of October 17 while in Havana for a conference of lawyers, law professors and judges.    - Hugh Spitzer

Some of the equipment - molds in the Museo Del Chocolate.

The Entrance
A beautiful sign showcasing a Cocoa Pod

The Chocolatiers
If you want to read more about Havana’s Museum of Chocolate—here’s a link!

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