Thursday, February 5, 2009

Flattery is the best flattery

Ever since we moved into our incredible new space a few years ago, The Confectionery has been getting more and more attention. Here's what Seattle Metropolitan, recently voted the best city magazine in the country for 2008, had to say about us:

Sure, we’re a city of educated foodies and there’s a farmers market full of just-picked produce in every nabe in town, but we don’t neglect our sweet tooth either. Proof is the Confectionery, where two generations of adults have felt like kids in an old-fashioned candy store. The candy-colored interior and giant, vintage-style soda-shop jars of Jordan almonds, lollipops, gobstoppers, and chocolate covered gummy bears entice the little ones, too, but there’s something sophisticated and downright artful about the sweet traditional taffies and new-world sugar-free treats.

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